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Sunday, 21 January 1900

Legal stuff:


  • This Website and all of its sub-pages are an independent run website with the pure intention of providing the community residing within the Victor Khanye Local Municipality vital information related to fire and life safety as well as preparation for adverse conditions that may impact all during a disaster or threatening disaster. In NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this page to be considered as an official page of the Victor Khanye Local Municipailty or representing this organization. To stop any allegations it is hereby registered that this site will remain independant and are 100% funded by the owner thereof.
  • The Victor Khanye Local Municipal website can be visited at www.vklm.gov.za or www.victorkhanyelm.gov.za
  • All weather related data is received or extracted with gratitude from the South African Weather Services (www.weathersa.co.za) with the exception of the UV Index map, which is obtained from SAWX (www.sawx.co.za), temperature graphs are obtained from Accuweather (www.accuweather.com). It may occur that the SAWS site is unavailable at the time of refreshing this page, on which instance the data from Ventusky (www.ventusky.com) are used for graphical representation and with comparison to the meteoblue or ECMWF data from the "Windy" website (www.windy.com) to provide the given data.
  • Warnings are issued by the South African Weather Services (SAWS) ONLY in the form of emails or message systems and those relevant to the Victor Khanye Municipal area is published under the "Weather Warnings" box on the main page for information and early warning purposes to the community.
  • Newsletters and most of the information related to snakes and snake safety are obtained from the African Snakebite Institute (ASI) (www.africansnakebiteinstitute.com) with gratitude to their continued research and inputs.


By notice from the Webmaster


Applications under the Mpumalanga Business Act (2 of 1996)

Kindly Note that Business Licensing is now the competency of the Local Economic Development office within the municipality and is no longer with the Fire Department.


To apply for and renew your business license, kindly refer to the Municipal Public Notice which can be read HERE

More on Fire Safety will be added here soon, Attention will be given to Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) safety and some safety tips will be shared in relation to the difference between LPG and Propane within the South African context.


Visit this page frequently as well as the home fire safety page for safety info that will make your home safer



Planning to host an event or fundraiser ?

It is a legal requirement that any event where public gather for what ever reason, that such an event needs to be registered with both the Police and Disaster Management.


All recreational and/or Sports events resort under this requirement and are regulated under the Safety At Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010, (Act 2 of 2010).


The reason behind this legislation is to ensure that all events are managed properly, taking all aspects into account, which ensure the safety of all who attend the event.


For this purpose, a lot of people sat down and drafted various guidelines and forms that will assist organises in ensuring that they cover all the bases and have contingencies in place for preventing disastrous incidents, and if it does happen, that there are plans in place to effectively manage these incidents. For this purpose and to assist you as event organiser, below are links to both the legislation as well as chekclists that are there to assist you in the planning phases. In addition, the Section 6(3) events applications for both the Delmas and Sundra policing districts are also available below for you to download and complete. On this, please ensure that the applications are delivered or sent to the Chief Fire Officer / Head of Centre : Disaster  Management to ensure it is registered.

The route of this form is as follows, Disaster Management register the event and ensure the completeness of the form, a copy is forwarded to the Police responsible officer with comments. A meeting may then be called with the organiser/s to discuss any clarity seeking matters and from there to assist in ensuring safety measures are addressed. It may occur that several meetings may be convened. Only after all is satisfied will the final categorization and approvals be given for the event to continue.


Please also take note, events that does not comply may be closed without further communication and a hefty fine can be issued to the event organiser on non-compliance.


After all, public safety is the primary concern.